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Millions of homeowners today are having trouble paying their mortgages and don’t know where to turn for help.  Should you find yourself in this siutation, it is important that you become educated on your options.  It is also important to know that there are some solutions that can help you minimize the damage to your financial status and your lifestyle.  One possible solution is a Short Sale.

A Short Sale is a common occurrence in today’s market.  As your Real Estate Professional and Certified Distressed Property Expert® (CDPE), I can help you navigate through the unknown and guide you through the Short Sale process.  If you’re looking for answers, I’m just a phone call or email away…and I’m here to help.  By clicking on the links below, you will have access to some of the facts you need to get started on the path toward a stable financial future.

Short Sale Resource Directory

  • Short Sale vs. Foreclosure Consequences Report If you are facing the prospect of foreclosure in the near future, you are not alone. But, understand that you have options. Be sure to talk to a pre-foreclosure professional to find the best option for your specific situation.
  • Financial Implications of a Short Sale or Foreclosure We are constantly asked questions by homeowners about the Arizona anti-deficiency statutes and the tax consequences of foreclosure, or a short sale. The following article will answer the two most common questions we receive.
  • Foreclosure and Short-Sale Terms and What They Mean (City of Phoenix) Some of the terminology you hear and read when you’re involved in a short-sale transaction may seem confusing. These definitions should help you stay on top of the real estate lingo.
  • Short Sale Guide If you should find yourself in the position of being late, or having to stop making your mortgage payments altogether, it is important that you become educated on your options. and to understand that there are some solutions that can help you minimize the damage to your financial status and your lifestyle. One possible solution is a Short Sale. This Short Sale Guide will answer some of your questions. As a Certified Distressed Property Specialist (CDPE), I can help you navigate through the unknowns and guide you through the Short Sale process.
  • The Short Sale Process Due to the recent overwhelming market changes, mortgage lenders have become much more negotiable when it comes to short-sale transactions. Recent policy changes within many organizations and within the Federal Government, have made the chances of getting a short sale approved even greater. It’s important that you understand the process, as well as what is expected from you as the seller.
  • Frequently Asked Questions Short sales and foreclosures are becoming commonplace in our market. As a result, there are many questions and concerns from homeowners who are facing financial hardship. The answers are here.
  • Stay or Go? The purpose of the chart that follows is to show you some of your options, and to help you look at your situation from a purely logical perspective. After all, no one can put a value on the emotional attachment you may have to your home.
  • What is a CDPE? If you are affected by the prospect of foreclosure, understand that you have options…and I can help. Find out how.
  • Law Firms specializing in Short Sales Homeowners facing the prospect of foreclosure are encouraged to seek the advice of a trusted pre-foreclosure professional. There follows a list of recommended law firms specializing in short sales.
  • CPA and Tax firm specializing in Short Sales There follows a recommended CPA and tax firm, both specializing in Short Sales.